Angles are everywhere

Angles are everyday people who make all the difference in the world.

Do you knonw someone who could use an Angel?

We might be able to help!

From Leah

Tonight on my 2nd flight of the day, I was waiting to board, and was stunned to hear my name…

Human Angel Story

I have an “angel” to share with you who has impacted our lives significantly. Please see news story link below….

Cycling 3,600 Miles

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to share with you that on Saturday, May 25th, I will…

Occupy Sandy

StoryLine is a collaborative documentary for us to share experiences of Hurricane Sandy and relief efforts. Using any phone or…

Strong by Jacqueline Bohrer (10 yrs old)

(dedicated to Hart and Maddy, may a home be in your future) I saw them first. I noticed them first….

Melissa Knepp

I love to hike. I’ve loved it since I’ve been very young. I just enjoy being outdoors in nature with…

Vickie Niles

This is a fan art manipulation that I did with my photoshop. This is the Gypsy Esmeralda from Disneys’ Hunchback…

Lissa Correale

I was in the hospital a few yrs ago about to have emergency surgery, well my cousin died from the…