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Vickie Niles

This is a fan art manipulation that I did with my photoshop. This is the Gypsy Esmeralda from Disneys’ Hunchback of Notre Dame. Remember when you were asking us on Twitter what were our faves movies. I told you Disneys’ HOND, it was awhile back so I don’t know if you will. 😉

The reason I made this is because to me she truly is an angel.. a Guardian angel if you will. One of my favourite Disney heroines. She helped and stood up for those less fortunate, she thought of herself as an outcast. To me, she is much more. So this is very nostalgic to me. She fought for what she believed in, wanted justice for her people and others that were mistreated. She wanted everyone to be treated equally, w/ that said I hoping to send a message to whom ever sees this treat people the way YOU want to be treated. 🙂

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