Welcome to AngelsAmongUs.TV, a place where we all can inspire each other and remind each other of all the positive people, inspiring moments, and miracles around us every day!

AngelsAmongUs.TV is a website for, about, and by people like YOU, real-life, seemingly “ordinary” people doing acts of kindness and making a positive difference moment-to-moment. Our theme is inspired by the quote:

“We are each of us angels with one wing. We can only fly embracing each other.”

We also invite you to be an “A-reporter” by submitting positive uplifting videos, stories of kindness, photos, art, songs, dances and poems. As we all know, so many people of all ages and backgrounds need hope and inspiration right now. We all do! In contrast to all the darkness and fear that is so often portrayed on our television and computer screens, let’s CO-CREATE TOGETHER a place where we can all help each other to realize that we can each make a positive difference moment-to-moment and that “Everyday Angels” are EVERYWHERE!! Please don’t be shy or wait until you think your submissions are “good enough.” As you can see, many videos (under the tab “angels among us”) are very “homemade.” Just join in! The world needs our positive energy now! After all, your submissions can be an act of kindness.

One seemingly “small” act of kindness can be another person’s miracle!

To all of you making a positive difference in the world moment-to moment….
Thank you for being “Angels Among Us” too!

Logo by: Michelle Pabst
Sunset Photo by: Meg Schmidt

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